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Kohl's will be opening on March 2nd, 2018. We have a fresh new look to the store and a great season is upon us. Great and yummy. Let us know what your favorite flavor was last season. Looking forward to seeing everyone this 2018. Happy Custard Days. Stop by to say hello to the friendly staff. We want to thank everyone for your patronage for 13 years. Your support has made us great for many years. ... See MoreSee Less

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Welcome to Kohls!

I remember the day I first discovered this very same Kohl’s location at Wrightsville Beach. I had never tried frozen custard and never really gave it a second thought – custard vs. ice cream? Is there really a difference in taste? It didn’t take long before I was a huge fan, returning time and time again with my family to try new flavors.

I had dreamed of owning a place like this on the beach. After that first taste and several more, I wanted to create these scrumptious flavors myself. Twelve years ago I jumped on board, and I still get much satisfaction out of making our long standing flavors like Almond Joy and new flavors that become favorites for our customers. I personally love the banana pudding, especially since, simply by taste, you can tell that this frozen custard is made with fresh bananas!

The big differences between ice cream and frozen custard are in the ingredients, the dairy mixture, and something called overrun (air pumped in for volume). When it all comes together there’s nothing better than the creamy taste of frozen custard. Come in and taste it for yourself. You’ll see what I mean.

Menu items from the grill like our burger are a beach favorite; prepared per order for each customer. You may have to wait a bit, but the freshly prepared sandwiches and combos are well worth it! Whether you’re indulging in our frozen custard flavor of the day or a burger cooked fresh for you, we hope that your taste buds will tell you that this is a big deal – like mine did so many years ago.

Fresh ingredients, a friendly staff eager to please and a clean environment are crucial to our success. I also think it is important that, in this beach community, we maintain an ambience that is authentic to the area. We try to use the local bakery for our buns and the farmers market for our other produce- a small town feel with a commitment to making our customers smile.

It is my pleasure to have served you for more than 12 years in Wrightsville Beach. We do hope you keep coming back for your favorites year after year.

Ken Ubertini, Proprietor